A sneak peek into how I have been managing my finances

On Mar 23, 2020, the Prime minister of India ordered a 21-day nationwide lockdown, which was followed by a series of lockdowns. We had never seen a pandemic of such a scale in a decade. People lost jobs, lost dear ones, migrated from one part of the country to another, and were forced to work from home. We had never imagined how our lives could quickly turn upside down.

One year later, we are still stuck in the COVID world. And with the second wave of COVID numbers surging up daily, we are still unsure how long we have to…

The ups and downs we faced while iteratively designing driver-customer chat.

Back in 2015, when we launched the Gojek app, we had three services to offer. It was a simple app aimed at making our customers easily get through their day. Slowly, our ambitions grew, so did the number of products we offered.

There was nothing simple about the app anymore. A Super App had arrived.

Today, millions of users transact on the Gojek app every single day. With such a massive scale, every team at Gojek shares a huge responsibility.

Imagine being already late for work and wasting precious minutes looking for the ‘Book Ride’ button because we just decided…

Everybody is going bonkers over setting their Notion boards right now. Why not? Notion recently announced that they are lifting their limits on free plans. It has come up as a powerful tool for notes and data management, but it requires a high initial investment. A blank board might feel daunting to anyone.

For easing the pain of setting up Notion, they provide multiple templates for every purpose. Look at their template gallery below. It’s crazy!

Notion template gallery

While templates are an excellent way to start a project, they can become problematic when we use them without a thought. And it doesn’t…

Documenting case studies better for our portfolios

We have seen many instances of designers ranting on Twitter about case studies. They are our major bottleneck to building portfolios. While there are various portfolio solutions like Dribbble, Behance, Medium, Wordpress, or Webflow available to ease our pain, We still haven’t seen any app that can provide a solution to magically fill in our portfolios with case studies.

No matter how much we procrastinate, We know that it is an important part of our portfolio and there is no magic that can save us from the pain of writing them. …

Realizing the importance of balancing personal and career growth.

After coming back home from work, I had always wondered- How can I utilize my free time? Should I invest some time in writing articles? Should I start working on a side project — my design podcast, maybe? Or Should I just relax because I had already worked enough in the office? But somehow, this thought was very unsettlingly for me because of the mindset that I can’t relax. I have just started my career.

The last 4 years of college were pretty straightforward in the sense that I knew exactly what I would be doing after my classes. It…

A model that helped me to make my final decision of going for a full-time job

Illustration credits: Opendoodles

Fourth-year of the college was such a terrific year for me. While every other student had already decided what they’ll be doing next, I was struggling to find answers to what to do next. It was a stressful time with multiple questions lingering in my head.

Although I had fixated on doing Design, I was constantly juggling with whether I should go for higher education, do a startup or join a full-time job. I am sure many students are still struggling with these questions. I want to share a decision model that I used to arrive on my final decision…

When I started Design, I didn’t have any idea about how hard or easy it’s going to be. I didn’t even know that I could make it a career choice. I jumped right into it because I enjoy doing it. As the years begin to unfold and I started digging deeper into it, I realised that the journey wouldn’t be easy. I faced difficulties and failed multiple times. This blog is a compilation of all such big and small failures.

It’s an effort from my side to bring my vulnerable self in front of you. I believe that this article…

Chapter 3: Farewell to college days

The college days have finally ended and like every year, it’s time to reflect on my past year learnings and failures. I ended the last year article (Chapter 2) on the note to cherish my final year of college and spent time on the things that really interest me which is sharing my knowledge with the community. Let’s see how it all went so far. I hope you’ll enjoy reading the article.

2018 was the final year of my college and it couldn’t have been better. I spent most of the time with my friends cherishing the last days of…

A design assignment I did during my job hunting spree

Design assignments are the most common part of the recruitment process in the design industry and for me, the dreadful part of the process. I’ve never liked them. One of the reasons being that they sometimes ask you to invest more than 2 days and even after spending 2–3 days in it, you won’t get proper feedback from them. But as long as they are the norm for the recruitment process, we have to do it.

Here I have written about one of the case studies I did for one of the company. …

Sharing learnings from my freelance journey.

Build-Sell-Work framework

College gives you ample time to explore different things. It could be learning to code, design, write, photography, playing a musical instrument or involvement in any sport. What if one of those things helps you earn some money? For me, It was Design. What started as a need to earn some money for meeting my basic needs of lunch and dinner (You know about mess food 😛 ) converted slowly to buying a MacBook and phone for myself with the freelance money.

Some of my juniors kept asking me about freelancing and I never felt experienced enough to tell about…

Nikhil Yadav ✌😎.ml

Product Designer at Gojek | Trying to read between the lines | Wish to document ’em all

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